We're really, really into leadership.

We're three sassy ladies with a passion for leadership and real-world experience in leadership, business, law, non-profit organizations, education and youth recreation.

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Alex Keenan

Alex believes that everyone is a leader waiting to happen. As a coach and facilitator, she uses her knack for helping people overcome their fears and find their voices. Alex loves improv and secretly wishes she were funny enough for TV. Instead, she uses it as a tool to help her clients explore their own endless possibilities.

Fun facts: Alex loves big dogs and can hoola hoop with her elbow.

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Gillian Daly

Gillian is an enthusiastic leaders and a former youth camp director who loves to help young people discover their passions and feel confident about their abilities. She's a strong believer in the importance of knowing yourself and thinking about how other people see the world, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Fun facts: Gillian loves baby sloths and can recite more Disney quotes than she cares to admit.

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amanda richards

Amanda teaches Grades 7 & 8, and education is her greatest passion. A big fan of "learning by doing," she creates experiences that help young people discover themselves and their world. When she's not teaching or facilitating Spice! programs, Amanda puts her boundless energy and compassion to work as a foster mom to at-risk dogs. 

Fun facts: Amanda loves karaoke and has mad nail polish skills.