Orate like a rockstar.

Public speaking doesn't need to be scary. In fact, connecting with an audience and making an impact feels amazing. Spice! Leadership’s Fearless Public Speaking workshops and 1-on-1, personalized coaching can get you there.

Forget taking a deep breath and picturing your audience in their underwear. The Spice! approach to public speaking is research-based and helps you work with your brain, not against it. Conquer your fear and build public speaking skills for all kinds of professional and social settings. 

And because  we’re all about your unique brilliance, we don’t try to make you sound like somebody you’re not. By building awareness of your authentic communication style, you can become a confident, capable public speaker - and still use your own voice.

Workshops are held on the last Thursday of every month. Check out the calendar of events for upcoming themes, book a workshop for your organization, or contact us for personalized coaching. 

available programs

outsmart fear

Build a foundation of confidence on your feet

own your voice

Speak like the best version of yourself

love your audience

Throw out your script and engage with the crowd

tell your story

Inspire your audience and move them to act



private coaching

Achieve your goals on your own time

hold your own

Handle questions like a pro