Girls will change the world.

A person's future should be determined by their talents, dreams and hard work - not their gender. But every day, girls see and hear harmful messages about their looks, their voices, their behaviour and their ambitions -  all of which discourage them from speaking up and taking charge. 

Girls are the leaders of tomorrow. Spice! Leadership helps them build the skills and confidence to take their place in the world. 

These summer day camps, designed for ages 10 to 14, build the confidence, critical thinking and communication skills help girls become the leaders they were born to be.

Each participant discovers her own passions and strengths, then builds the skills that will make her a more confident, effective leader. In the process, she develops a network of ambitious girls who will inspire and support her as she grows into her leadership potential. 

Topics include:

  • setting goals and making plans to achieve them

  • good work habits

  • teamwork

  • communication skills

  • media literacy

  • managing money

  • public speaking

  • healthy living and body image


why choose spice! summer camps?

  • Research-based curriculum with an emphasis on building confidence, critical thinking, and communication skills

  • Small group sizes and individual attention

  • Mature facilitators with real-world experience in leadership and education

  • Inclusive, welcoming environment

  • Introductions to diverse role models

  • Field trips to discover community-based projects and programs

  • Opportunities to form life-long friendships with other ambitious girls

  • Ongoing communication with parents, allowing you to take part in your child's progress


Spice! Leadership camps are open to youth who identify as girls, as well as non-binary, Two Spirit, gender diverse, gender fluid and gender non-conforming youth between the ages of 10 and 14.  Camp venues have gender-neutral washrooms available. Contact us to find out whether Spice! is right for your child.